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Congratulations, Andrea Warner!

Andrea Warner, a member of our team, partner, and friend of many years, is leaving the Marketer’s Braintrust this week to take over as Publisher at Anne Holland’s WhichTestWon. Testing has been a passion of Andrea’s for as long as we’ve known her, and we’re happy to see her get this opportunity. Andrea will be […]


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Marketer’s Playbook #1: Affiliate Links, Press Releases + SEO

Affiliate marketing, guest posting, and press releases can all generate traffic, but they also create unnatural links, according to Google. Dan Thies explains how to have your cake, eat it too, and not even invite Google to the party.


How To Upload Custom Audiences

Selling to people you already have a relationship with is the easiest sale you can make. If you are advertising on Facebook, uploading your Custom Audiences is the very first step to take. The interface has changed a lot, so here’s an updated guide for how to upload your Custom Audiences so that you can start advertising to them right away.


Failure is not an option – it’s certain. It’s defeat that is optional!

Sorry to be the one to tell you, but you are (almost certainly) going to fail … over and over again … until you finally succeed. Defeat is the part that is optional, not failure.

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How To Split-Test Your Facebook Ads

Did you know that you can’t do true split-testing on Facebook? In fact, your best converting ad might not even be getting impressions. Today we’re talking about a couple of things you can do to circumvent the lack of ability to split-test.


The Three Reasons for Too Busy

Are you “too busy”? Most business owners are, but not all reasons for being too busy are created equal. There are really only three: one of them is terrible, one of them is fixable, and one of them you just have to push through as fast as you can. Which one are you? I’ll show you how to find out.