Service Review: FreshBooks

Do you struggle with GETTING PAID because of your bookkeeping skills (or lack thereof)?

FreshBooks is MADE FOR YOU, a small business owner, to get organized and get paid.

(We don’t take service reviews lightly. If FreshBooks weren’t good, and wasn’t going to be meaningful for your business, you wouldn’t be hearing about it from us.)

We think they’re a win because they make it really easy to track time, log expenses & invoice your clients.

Freshbooks is perfect for small business owners & entrepreneurs.

After you watch, use our link to Freshbooks for a special 2 month free trial.

Title: Service Review: FreshBooks
Date: October 30, 2012
Author: Ramiro Chamorro & Andrea Warner
Run Time: 01:02:42 (1 hour, 02 minutes, 42 seconds)

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